Announcing a partnership between NUNM & GastroANP

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October 19, 2018


Gastroenterology Conference

October 20-21, 2018

NUNM Main Campus, Portland, OR

This year, GastroANP is partnering with NUNM’s annual Naturopathic Updates in Gastroenterology Conference to offer a one-day PreCon(ference).

The PreCon will be held on Friday, October 19, 2018 at the NUNM Main Campus in Portland, OR. It will be followed by the main conference on October 20-21, 2018 at NUNM.  See the Agenda for locations.

Join us for a great start to the NUNM Gastroenterology Conference on the NUNM Main Campus October 20-21, 2018!

To learn more, download the  GastroANP PreCON Agenda 2018.

Join the GastroANP for the PreCon for specialty workshops, panels, and events including:

  • Complex clinical case discussion
  • Thriving in specialty practice
  • Hands-on breakout sessions: skills labs in ileocecal valve visceral manipulation, injection therapies for the abdomen, and naturopathic physical exam techniques
  • Full listing of sessions in the PreCon Agenda Brochure.
  • Membership updates & meet your board of directors
  • Mixer with fellow GastroANP members
  • 3 CEUs pending through OANP & AANP, in-person attendance only. 

Purchase your GastroANP PreCon tickets.*

$20 for members

$40 for non-members.

Ticket Prices
*NUNM Gastroenterology conference not included in PreCon ticket cost.

Register for the NUNM Gastroenterology conference 

at the NUNM Continuing Education page and receive 10% off the conference price when  you use the discount code ‘gastroanp’.**   

Interested in helping at the conference? Email [email protected]; put “ATTN: Dr. Taylor” in the subject line.

** When you use this code, the GastroANP receives 10% of the  cost of the ticket.
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