Advanced GI Topics Seminar
with Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP
and guest speaker, Roz Donovan, ND

  • This seminar was originally presented via Zoom on February 20, 2021
  • 7.75 NANCEAC CEUs (7 general and 0.75 pharmacy) through 02/20/2023


Learning Objectives:

  • To develop a working model of gastroesophageal reflux that embraces the complexity of the condition and guides treatment/management.
  •  To provide an understanding of the effects and myriad of side effects of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) as well as their intelligent use when necessary.  
  •  To understand clinical use of Heidelberg Testing.
  •  To better assess if a patient needs acid suppression or stimulation.
  •  To understand that Helicobacter pylori causes a group of diseases in susceptible hosts, but also helps prime the immune system to prevent many autoimmune and allergic disorders.
  • To create familiarity with various forms of surgery for the GI tract. To promote understanding of the nutritional and symptomatic effects of short bowel syndrome, colectomy and resection of the ileocecal valve. Gastric Nissen fundoplication, bariatric procedures, J-pouch issues and ostomy care will also be discussed.
  • To be able to recognize homeopathic patterns in common GI issues, ie constipation, diarrhea, heartburn…)


Lead Speaker Bio:

Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis

Dr. Sandberg-Lewis has been practicing since 1978.  He is a professor of gastroenterology at National University of Natural Medicine and has a private practice at Hive Mind Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

He lectures, presents webinars and interviews internationally on issues of digestive health. He is the author of the medical textbook Functional Gastroenterology: Assessing and Addressing the Causes of Functional Digestive Disorders, Second Edition, 2017. His column Functional Gastroenterology Bolus appears periodically in the Townsend Letter.

Within gastroenterology, he has special interest and expertise in inflammatory bowel disease (including microscopic colitis), irritable bowel syndrome (including post-infectious IBS), Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal and bile reflux (GERD), biliary dyskinesia, and chronic states of nausea and vomiting.

Dr. Sandberg-Lewis lives in Portland with his wife, Kayle. His interests include mandolin, guitar, walking, writing and lecturing.

Guest Speaker Bio:

Dr. Roz Donovan is a native Vermonter who grew up applying natural medicines to horses on her family’s farm and practicing massage on horseback riders. During her training as a Naturopathic physician, she sought and received hands-on training from herbalists and a botanist in her community. Dr. Donovan interned in mental health and general medicine. She received advanced training mentorships in TBI and GI health. 

After graduating from NUNM, she spent 3 years working under the supervision of Bree Benjamin-Greenberg in an eating disorder focused outpatient clinic in Vermont. She returned to Portland to accept a residency with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis and Kayle Sandberg-Lewis to focus further on gastrointestinal and brain health. She practices neurofeedback, naturopathic medicine focused on gut health, and bodywork.

Areas of interest include: Migraines and other headaches, insomnia, ADHD, brain injury, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, chronic infections, mold and mycotoxin illness, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and SIBO.