GastroANP Annual Conference

Exploring the Intersections

October 16-17, 2021



This was a live conference via Zoom. 

Recordings of main speaker lectures are available for purchase now after the event. 

The small group case discussion experience was only available to attendees of the live event.

Post conference purchase will include access to the main speaker recordings (see the list at right) and access to 10 NANCEAC CEUs (7 general, 2 pharm, & 1 ethics).

You will not receive immediate access.  You will be emailed a link to the attendee page, but there may be a delay of 1-2 business days.

Saturday, October 16th

Pacific Time

8:30 am – 9:00 am          Check-in & Logistics
9:00 am – 11:00 am        GI & Mold Intersection, Q & A                       Jill Crista, ND
11:00 am – 11:30 am      Vendor Break
11:30 am – 12:30 pm      Small Group Case Discussion
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm        Lunch & GI Residency Panel (optional)
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm          IBS/SIBO Research Updates, Q & A              Joshua Goldenberg, ND
3:30 pm – 4:00 pm          Vendor Break
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm          Small Group Case Discussion
5:00 pm – 5:15  pm         Closing
5:15 pm – 6:15 pm          Borborygmus Award & Annual Membership Meeting

Sunday, October 17th

Pacific Time

8:30 am – 9:00 am          Check-in & Logistics

9:00 am – 11:00 am        GI & Mental Health Intersection, Q & A      Jenny Kaltunas, ND

11:00 am – 11:30 am      Vendor Break

11:30 am – 12:30 pm     Small Group Case Discussion

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm       Lunch & Gastro Fellowship Q & A (optional)

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm         GI & Autoimmunity Intersection, Q & A      Jenny Bennett, ND

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm         Vendor Break

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm         Small Group Case Discussion

5:00 pm – 5:15 pm         Closing

Plus two additional pre-recorded CE presentations to view at your leisure or join us for a watch party!

Correcting Racial Disparities in Colorectal Cancer              Khaleed Alston, ND

LDN Use in GI Disorders                                                              Beth Cleavenger, PharmD                    


* 10 NANCEAC CEUs + 4 OBNM CEUs, to include general, pharm, & ethics *

* 10 NANCEAC CEUs if purchasing recordings post event *

Meet Our Speakers!

Jill Crista, ND

Dr. Jill Crista is a naturopathic doctor, best-selling author, and internationally recognized educator on neuroinflammatory conditions such as mold, Lyme, PANDAS & PANS, and post-concussion syndrome.

She’s passionate about helping people recover their health after exposure to toxic mold.

Dr. Crista is the author of Break The Mold: 5 Tools To Conquer Mold and Take Back Your Health and supports mold-sick people through her Mold Canary Membership.

She also provides online training for medical practitioners wanting to become Mold-Literate.

Joshua Goldenberg, ND

Dr. Goldenberg is a researcher, teacher, naturopathic doctor, and founder of Dr. Journal Club. He is most passionate about the interplay of evidence and clinical practice. 

Dr. Goldenberg is an active researcher with numerous publications in high impact scientific journals such as JAMA, BMJ, Annals of Internal Medicine, and The Cochrane Library. His research focus includes irritable bowel syndrome, probiotics, evidence-informed practice, and research methodology. He is Research Investigator at the Helfgott Research Institute and Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney. He has presented nationally and internationally on evidence-based medicine as well as probiotics and research methodology. His work has been highlighted by the BBC, The New York Times, among others, and his research publications have been ranked within the top 5% of all research tracked by Altmetric.

Dr. Goldenberg is a passionate educator and is faculty for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine’s Interprofessional Fellowship in Integrative Health and Medicine, where he teaches critical evaluation of the medical literature and evidence-informed practice. He is past adjunct faculty at Bastyr University, his alma mater, in which he enrolled after receiving honors and distinction in molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania. He guest lectures widely and currently teaches post-graduate students at Helfgott in advanced research synthesis methods. 

As a naturopathic doctor Dr. Goldenberg focuses on integrative approaches to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and irritable bowel syndrome as well as other gastrointestinal complaints, working in concert with patients’ conventional gastroenterologists. 

In 2014 Dr. Goldenberg created the medical education website in order to share his passion for the interplay of evidence and clinical practice with the larger integrative medicine community.

Jenny Kaltunas, ND

Jenny Kaltunas is a naturopathic physician and East Asian medical practitioner who studied at Bastyr University and has a private practice, In Tune Healing Arts, in Seattle, WA. She is trained in both traditional chinese medicine, 5-element acupuncture, and the sound healing therapy, Acutonics.  Her specializations include mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, psychosis, PTSD and ADHD as well as gastrointestinal disorders such as SIBO and IBS.  Her goal is to offer a more comprehensive approach to mental illness, blending orthomolecular psychiatry and functional medicine with therapies that address the mind and spirit.

Jenny Bennett, ND

Dr. Jenny Bennett is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and founder of Aria Integrative Medicine, an integrative autoimmune clinic in Seattle, WA.  She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University. Prior to medical school, she received her BS in Pharmacological Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego and worked at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. She is adjunct faculty at Bastyr University and currently teaches Rheumatology for the naturopathic medicine department, as well as Pharmacology and Advanced Business Operations in the past.

She is also the author of Naturopathic Business Basics:  A Step by Step Guide to Starting and Running a Naturopathic Business and has participated on the board of the Autoimmune Advocacy Alliance.

When she is not busy teaching and running her clinic, she enjoys spending time with her partner and son, exploring all the PNW has to offer.

Khaleed Alston, ND

Dr. Khaleed Alston is a naturopathic physician whose clinical focus lies in finding the intersection between longevity and practical wellness interventions. Through the promotion of healthy lifestyle change, nutritional therapy, and deliberate exercise programs, he helps guide patients along the path of health and wellness. As a Black male physician, he is uniquely positioned to provide care to patient populations that have historically experienced medical discrimination.

He is a frequent speaker and has presented on various topics including fecal microbiota transplants, regenerative medicine, the microbiome, and racial health disparities.

Beth Cleavenger, PharmD

Beth was born and raised in rural Montana and earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana.  Shortly after graduation she moved to sunny Arizona to begin her pharmacy career and to warm up from those cold Montana winters.  For the past 8 years Beth has worked as a clinical pharmacist, providing pharmaceutical care to Arizona’s Native American population. 

For nearly a decade Beth has been on a chronic illness journey living with the life-altering and disabling illness commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).  During this journey she discovered her love for blending naturopathic and allopathic medicine as well as her love for teaching and educating others about this misunderstood illness. 

When Beth is feeling well, she enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, and spending time with family and friends.

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