Auto-Billing Payment Changes – April 2019

Dear Members,

Recently you may have gotten an email notice that your recurring subscription was cancelled. What has been cancelled is the auto-billing, not your subscription. Your current subscription is still valid until it expires. When your subscription expires you can re-subscribe and the auto-rebilling will work going forward.

Before your subscription expires, you will get an email notice with instructions to renew your subscription. Please follow the links in the email to renew. Or, you can login to your account (top left of the page), then go to “Join” and then either “Practitioner” or “Student”. You may find this a great time to switch to our new monthly billing plans (available for Resident, Licensed Provider, and Allied Health memberships only). After this time your subscription will automatically renew.

Why we reached this decision

We have discovered that members who had registered before early July 2018 were being charged in PayPal, but were not having their membership status automatically updated to “active” in the membership database. This meant that those members could not access their benefits until their membership could be manually updated by one of our board or volunteers. Auto-billing and auto-renewal has been working for those who registered after mid-June 2018, or who switched to a new membership plan, and we are not cancelling auto-billing for these members. (For those who are curious, the reasons are eye-crossingly technical and have to do with how PayPal communicates with membership databases.)

After several attempts to fix the problem, we determined that the most feasible path forward was to stop auto-billing for the affected members and ask them to re-subscribe when their current subscriptions ran out. We know that many of you had asked for auto-renewals and we realize that it is an inconvenience to have to manually renew one more time. However, the alternative (members waiting until we could manually update the membership database) was even less convenient for all parties involved. As a result, we are taking this step.

We appreciate your being a member and look forward to continuing to serve you.  If you have questions about your account, benefits, or this situation, please contact us at [email protected] or using the form below.

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