IBD Boot Camp

This is Dr. Ilana Gurevich’s complete IBD Boot Camp course, a deep dive into all things IBD, including IBD basics (epidemiology, labs, imaging), IBD treatment (pharmaceutical and naturopathic), co-morbidities, ozone therapy, and clinical cases.

This is a valuable foundation of knowledge for your practice and for preparation for the fellowship board examination!

The content was originally delivered over two days in 2020.  Brew a cup of tea and nestle in for for just under 8 hours of IBD information.  There is no need to learn it all in one session, come back more than once to absorb it all!

When you click the link for each unit, a new tab will open and the video will be accessible via Vimeo.  You must be logged in, with an active membership, to access the course material.

Please note that no CEUs are offered for the complete course.  If you’re looking for CE, see the boot camp excerpt under “Current GastroANP CEU” for 2 NANCEAC CE (1 general, 1 pharm) through 06/01/22.

Module 1 IBD Bootcamp (Full Course)
Unit 1 IBD Foundations (video run time 2:10:52)
Unit 2 Pharmaceuticals, part 1 (video run time 25:24)
Unit 3 Pharmaceuticals, part 2 video (video run time 1:13:43)
Unit 4 The IBS in IBD (video run time 1:14:06)
Unit 5 Naturopathic Treatments (video run time 1:00:54)
Unit 6 Rectal Ozone (video run time 46:22)
Unit 7 Functional Lab Testing (video run time 56:12)