I can’t login!

Even if your membership has expired, you can still login to check your account, renew. You will just not be able to access members-only material.
If you have successfully logged in before and can’t login now, click the forgotten password link and reset your password. If this does not work, email [email protected] for help.

If you have never successfully logged in before, and you created your account before July 2018, you may have not completed registration successfully. Try first resetting your password. If you do not receive a password email. then email [email protected] and ask for help. We will reconnect you with your membership.

I need to renew/upgrade my membership.

Login before renewing or changing your membership plan. This will ensure you don’t end up creating a separate account.

Where do I find further help information?

Login and go to the member’s help page. From there, select “FAQ”.