This provides the unique benefits of a 1-on-1 mentor-mentee relationship, including interpersonal and professional development. Details and time commitment involved are at the discretion of the mentor and mentee.

Those seeking mentorship must be early career naturopathic physicians and GastroANP members in good standing. If interested, please fill out this short application to   Send the completed form to [email protected] If you are an experienced gastro-focused ND interested in mentorship please email [email protected].

We are providing extensive high-quality webinars as well as case reviews and in-person interactive trainings.

Our training topics include working with IBS-D, Elemental Diets, SIBO, PPIs, and more. 

All webinars and trainings are free to GastroANP members. CEUs are typically available for more recent webinars. 

Here’s a short list of current gastroenterology residencies: 

Please email us at [email protected] to help us keep this list up to date, or if you know of a clinic site that may be a good partner. 

We are working to build local study groups to share ideas, learn together, and build community. Currently we have groups in Seattle, WA and Denver, CO

To join the Seattle area study group email [email protected] attn: Dr. Megan Taylor; Subject: Re: Seattle Area Study Group. 

To join the Denver area study group email: [email protected] attn: Dr. Joshua Goldenberg; Subject: Re: Denver Area Study Group.

To start a study group near you email: [email protected] and we’ll help you promote it and set it up.

In 2017, a special committee was established to investigate the possibility of creating Naturopathic Gastroenterology Fellowships. This committee is currently chaired by board member Dr. Crane Holmes.

Our Naturopathic Gastroenterology Competency Creation Working Group:

  • Dr. Lela Altman
  • Dr. Mona Merenstein
  • Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis
  • Dr. Allison Siebecker
  • Dr. Whitney Hayes
  • Dr. Ilana Guervich