Kwan Yin

Dual Degree Residency at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center with Drs. Stefani and Whitney Hayes

This residency offers an incredibly unique opportunity for dual licensed graduates (ND and LAc).  Not only does it provide an opportunity to integrate both Naturopathic and Chinese perspectives in a busy integrative practice, but it also allows for mentorship in both gastrointestinal disorders and fertility.  The residency supervisors are Drs. Stefani and Whitney Hayes, who are experts in fertility/women’s health and SIBO/naturopathic gastroenterology, respectively. They have thriving practices in beautiful NW Portland, at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center – a vibrant integrative clinic of 30+ alternative practitioners.  They are deeply committed to assisting new providers in developing the numerous skill sets needed to have flourishing independent careers: to combine the skills of both degrees in a clinical setting, receive extensive extra training through mentorship and externships in chosen areas of interest, as well as gain experience in billing insurance and marketing of a practice.

The three requirements for this residency are:

  1. Be licensed in Oregon by the start of residency as a dual licensed provider (ND and LAc)
  2. Pay for and complete the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy training, both Self Care and Professional Care training courses, before the start of the residency.
  3. A willingness to be on a call schedule for intrauterine insemination (IUI) is also required.

It is preferred that a candidate has completed additional coursework in advanced gastroenterology and fertility, but this is not required.  Ideally, the candidate should enjoy doing bodywork, as Maya Abdominal Therapy is a large part of the residency.

The resident will work approximately 45 hours per week.   25-30 of these hours will be spent seeing patients, both independently and observing Drs. Hayes.  Approximately 10 hours will be devoted to paperwork and clinical management, as well as completing external rotations with MDs or NDs in Portland. The possibility of staying for a 2nd year residency is highly encouraged.

The ideal candidate for this residency is outgoing, kind, flexible, and willing to learn.