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The following are listings of providers who are licensed naturopathic physicians and registered members of the Gastroenterology Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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Joanna May
Clinic Woodstock Natural Health Clinic
City Portland
State/Province Oregon
Ian Mclogan
Clinic Natural Medicine of Seattle
City Seattle
State/Province WA
Kara Menzer
Clinic Natural Medicine of Seattle
City Seattle
State/Province WA
Caroline Méthé
Clinic Mulock Chiropractic
City Grande-Digue
State/Province NB
Danielle Miller
Clinic medella optimal health
City Shoreline
State/Province WA
Melissa Minoff
Clinic Full Circle Natural Medicine
City Seattle
State/Province WA
Jon Moma
Clinic Junction Naturopathic Medicine
City Seattle
State/Province Wa

If you are are a licensed naturopathic doctor and an active member in the GANP, and do not see your name, please contact us. 

Inclusion signifies that individual providers listed are members of the GANP. Listing here is limited to licensed naturopathic physicians, but is not contingent upon members having passed further examinations nor attained additional education in the field of naturoapthic gastroenterology. Inclusion in this list does not guarantee level of knowledge nor outcome of treatment by providers listed here.