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We are a group of naturopathic physicians dedicated to the advancement of naturopathic gastroenterology. We are accepting new physician and student memberships!

Our goal is to encourage and facilitate active dialogue among our members in order to elevate and enhance the education of naturopathic physicians in the field of gastroenterology. Through this goal, we strive to raise the standard of care for gastrointestinal conditions within our naturopathic training programs and within the naturopathic and allied professions as a whole.



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GastroANP Now Accepting New Members!

The GastroANP is now accepting new naturopathic physician, naturopathic student, and allied practitioners members who are dedicated to expanding the knowledge and practice of naturopathic gastroenterology.

GastroANP Mission:

The Gastroenterology Association of Naturopathic Physicians is committed to advancing the philosophy, science, research and practice of naturopathic gastroenterology by serving as the world’s leading resource for information on the unique perspective that naturopathic medicine brings to the understanding and treatment of gastrointestinal disease and dysfunction.

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